About Leadership (FedEx Finland is great)

I’m shipping my stuff using FedEx. My experiences are therefore mostly with FedEx Finland and whatever is happening in FedEx international offices, gets filtered by their Finland office. So, I can comment only from FedEx Finland office actions, but they do deserve a comment.

As I see it, this has to come from the top. Obviously, FedEx Finland management is doing something very right and maybe, hopefully, the origin is at the very top of FedEx management. So, here is my statement:

FedEx Finland has the best customer service I know of, and this is true no matter who is taking care of me. The driver I meet regularly is a happy person and never seems to have a bad day. Whenever I call or send email to FedEx, I always get my point through, and never, ever get a response “I can’t do anything” or “this is how the system works”. Even when an error is on my side and it is me that caused extra work for them, the issue is taken care of and I feel as a respected customer. It is very nice to be dealing with a company where customer service goes to 11.

So, anybody know what FedEx is doing to make the whole company to behave like that?