Assembling the Nozzle Holder

Assemble the nozzle holder kit like the image shows. The magnets are very brittle, do not overtighten them! Just enough force to keep them in place is enough, the assemble is mostly held together with the two other screws.


Attach the holder to your work table. The down looking camera doesn’t need to see the nozzles, a good place is above the hole location, on the left. Here is where mine is set up. This location works, but it could be somewhat more right as well.


Here is another thought abouit why you would want to place the holder on the left side of the table:

Screw it down so, that it is square to the machine movement. Hint: You could use the nozzle adapter edge as a guide: tighten first the low right screw. Manually move the adapter edge so, that it touches the right side of the holder at the near end. Push the machine back from the bar so that the gantry does not move and trim the holder so that it just touches the adapter at the far end. Tighten the back left screw. Re-check and tighten the other corners.

Congratulations! You have finished the mechanical build. Now continue with electrical wiring.