Confessions of an Facebook spammer

I announced the availability of the kit for pre-order a few days ago, and of course, I wanted to get the word out to people that might be interested about it. I set up some Facebook ads and tried to target those to people that might be interested about it. I set the budget and let Facebook optimize the results. All looked good in the start.

A day or two later, to my horror Facebook told me that it has shown the ad in some areas of the world more than 20 times on average to single person. Auch! I certainly didn’t want to do annoy anybody, I wanted to impress, if possible. I tried to turn that down, but half a day later, I found out that it did not work. I was still spamming! I turned ads off and got professional help.

I still want to get the word out. However, nobody should now see the ad no more than once a day, if even that; just like any well behaving, self-respecting company should behave. The combination of an inexperienced advertiser and the cheapness of digital advertising can be a very annoying combination.

I spammed. I am deeply sorry and ashamed.