The basic design is based on  Barton Dring’s MakerSlide and heavily inspired by Edward Ford’s Shapeoko CNC project.

The CAD program I used first was the affordable Alibre PE. I took advantage of an update order and now use the not quite so affordable  GeoMagic Design. The cheap but very useful PE equivalent is now Cubify Design. The mechanical design files should still open in Cubify; if not, please let me know! Feel free to adapt the design to your needs.

The screenshot and drawing utility I used in the documentation is called Greenshot.

Notable suppliers for parts are MakerSlide Europe, Inventables, MISUMI, RobotDigg and StepperOnline. Many smaller parts are sourced elsewhere, too. The steel plates are laser cut at Pelaser. The profiles were drilled and cut by Asesepänliike Teräsjänne Oy.

The site is hosted by Bluehost and built with WordPress. The shop software is Opencart. I have edited the default themes on both WordPress and Opencart with Stylizer real-time CSS editor.

The software is written in C# using Microsoft’s Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop. The video processing library used is AForge.NET.

Disclaimer: I have no other association to any of the companies mentioned other than a satisfied customer and I don’t get any compensation for the free advertisement – except a small comission if you use the Stylizer links when buying. Thank you for doing that, if you check it out and happen to like it! 🙂