Finishing, Step 14: Vacuum Routing

(This page for old machine version is here.)

Screw the yellow nozzle adapter to the bottom of the pickup tube and the RC6-M5 vacuum connector to the top.

The vacuum tube connects to the pump at side port. However, it is likely easier to route the vacuum tube to the valve later at the wiring phase, routing the tube and cables together.

final step12a

Cut about 30 cm of the tube and push it to the vacuum connector fully. If you ever need to remove it, pushing the connector top collar down will release the tube. Connect the other end to the valve:

Check the tube operation once more: When you push the pickup tube up, the switch should trigger first, then the bottom shaft collar should hit the bearing. Only after this should the nozzle adapter spring start to compress. When letting go, the tube should go fully down, releasing the switch.