Finishing, Step 15: Up Camera Holder

Take the remaining piece of aluminum extrusion. Attach the SK10 holder to it with M5-12 bolts and HBLSD5 bracket using M5-8 bolts:

final step12

  1. 20×40 extrusion, 100mm
  2. SK10 holder
  3. M5-12 x 2
  4. M5 washer x 2
  5. M5 extrusion nut x 2
  6.  HBLSD5 bracket
  7. M5-8 x 2
  8. M5 washer x 2
  9. M5 extrusion nut x 2

Attach the fixture to the bottom of the table, so that the camera holder hole is about centered to the hole in the table and the tightening screw in the SK10 holder is accessible.