Finishing, Step 2: Front Extrusion

Take the remaining long 20×20 extrusion, put on your table and put two M5 extrusion nuts into the top slot:

final step2a

Put the extrusion between the front posts. Take the HBLFSNK5 bracket subassemblies you built in the previous step, two M5-10 bolts and two M5 washers, and attach the extrusion to the posts:

final step2b

  1. M5-10 bolt
  2. M5 washer
  3. HBLFSNK5 bracket subassembly
  4. M5 extrusion nut

Tighten it so that the extrusion is flush to the table and tight to the post:

final step2c

Repeat on the other side.

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