Finishing, Step 5: Y-min Limit Switch

Attach a limit switch to the bracket as shown. Take a M3-25 bolt and put to it a M3 washer, D3V-162-1C4 switch (noting the orientation), WSSB10-3-3 washer, trough the bracket and fix on the other side with a M5 washer, M3 washer and M3 nut. Adjust the switch so that it clicks before there is a collision.

final step5a

  1. M3-25
  2. M3 washer
  3.  D3V-162-1C4 switch (note the orientation)
  4. WSSB10-3-3 washer
  5. M5 washer
  6. M3 washer
  7. M3 nut