Finishing, Step 8: Attach the Machine to the Table

If you haven’t yet done so, now is the time to decide where the machine will be on your table and make the opening for the up looking camera. A good spot for that is at the left side of the machine. The needle needs to come over the camera but there is no need to get the two cameras to look each other. For details, see

Here is how my table was set up (at the time of the picture, the machine did not yet have automatic nozzle change or the holder) (click for a bigger image):


And here is another image, showing the measures (approximately, in cm’s):


Position the machine on the table. Make sure the gantry and the Y bar moves freely. Take cross measures to make sure the machine is as square as you can make it, while keeping the movement smooth. You don’t need to get perfect results, we’ll find-tune the squareness in software later. Don’t skip that step!

Secure the machine to the table or the base using M5 washers (provided) and suitable screws (not provided). Don’t screw the axis support plate (in the middle back of the machine) to the table yet.

You may keep the front extrusion in place, but using the machine is easier with an open front. Once the machine is secured, remove the front bar:

final step8

Remove the indicated screw and washer on both sides and loosen the indicated screw. Remove the long extrusion and push the bracket down to the table. Tighten the bracket back to the vertical extrusion and screw the bracket to the table, providing additional support.

Re-check that everything moves smoothly.