Gantry Back Plate, Step 3: Right side limit switch

Take a M3-20 bolt (1) and push to it a M3 washer (2), a limit switch (3, note the orientation), another M3 washer (4), M4 nut (5, used as a spacer). Put these through the plate and put there an M3 washer (6) and a M3 nut (7). Do not tighten this fully yet, we’ll trim the position of the switch later.

gantry back plate step3

  1. M3-20
  2. M3 washer
  3. Omron D3V-162-1C4 limit switch
  4. M3 washer
  5. M4 nut
  6. M3 washer
  7. M3 nut

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