Prepare Needles

The purpose of up looking camera is to be able to calibrate for needle wobble. For this, we need to mask out the Luer lock from the camera view. Take the remaining of the black sheet and a roundish piece out of it, a few centimeters across. Push a needle through it and fix it with hot glue from the needle base side. Super glue should work as well. Repeat for a few different size of needles, and attach one to the pickup tube. I find the green one to be good for passives.

needle shades

The plain tip is fine for passives, but when placing ICs, the needle tip does not offer enough friction to keep the part from moving at the needle tip. Therefore, take the rubber cups for the included pick-up pen (the pen itself is not that useful) and attach them to the bigger needles (brown and white):

cupped needles

Make sure that the steel ring of needle tip is visible, as the up looking camera needs to see it for calibration.