Assembly Instructions, Mechanical Build


When assembling the machine, do not take parts out from their bags before you need them. You will want to use the stickers on the bags to identify the parts as you go.

Don’t worry if you find parts left over after the assembly. We bag them by weight, and try to make sure you get at least the required amount; that means that for some parts, there will be a few extra.

During the build, keep the parts and your working are clean. There can be metal flakes on the parts from manufacturing, and you are putting tools and some force on them, possibly creating some more. Cleanness is important for the smooth function of the various bearings and wheels and when finished, you definitely don’t want small stray metal flakes on a pick and place machine!

Courtesy of Elektor Magazine, there is a timelapse video and an image gallery about their build, which might help you in the build process.

I: Preparatory Steps

  1. Collect the tools you need
  2. This step is only for kits shipped before Sept. 28, 2016 and not using the upgrade kit. For newer builds, please skip!
  3. Assemble V wheel kits
  4. Assemble idler wheel kits
  5. Mark eccentric spacers
  6. Optional: Paint plate edges
  7. Tap MakerSlide and the extrusion profiles

II: Pick and Place Head

  1.  Upper tube bearing
  2. Upper bearing holder bracket
  3. Attach upper bearing assembly to Z MakerSlide
  4. Check pulley fit
  5. Attach lower tube bearing
  6. Attach tube rotation motor
  7. Attach head lower assembly to Z MakerSlide
  8. Insert pick-up tube
  9. Place Z-low limit switch
  10. Attach Z-high limit switch holder
  11. Attach Z-high limit switch
  12. Attach Flat Spring
  13. PnP head assembly

III: Gantry Back Plate

  1. Upper V-Wheels
  2. Lower V-Wheels
  3. Right side limit switch
  4. Left side limit switch

IV: Gantry Front Plate

  1. Upper V-Wheels
  2. Lower V-Wheels
  3. Z-Bar Guide Wheels, Right Side
  4. Z-Bar Guide Wheels, Left Side
  5. Down Camera Holder
  6. Gantry Front Plate, Finished

V: Gantry

  1. Middle Beams
  2. Attaching Front and Back Plates Together
  3. Z-Motor to Plate
  4. Z-Motor to Gantry
  5. Attach PnP Head to Gantry
  6. Z-Motor Nut and Plate
  7. Flexible Mounting of Z-Motor Nut
  8. Finished Gantry Assembly

VI: Y-Bar, Left Roller Plate

  1. Upper V-Wheels
  2. Lower V-Wheels
  3. Circular Hook Mount Bracket
  4. Circular Hook
  5. Belt post

VII: Y-Bar, Right Roller Plate

  1. Upper V-Wheels
  2. Lower V-Wheels
  3. Circular Hook Mount Bracket
  4. Circular Hook
  5. Belt post
  6. Switch Post


  1. MakerSlides to Right Roller Plate
  2. Slide Gantry in MakerSlides
  3. Left Roller Plate to MakerSlides
  4. X Idlers Plate
  5. X Idlers
  6. X Motor Plate
  7. X Motor
  8. X Idlers, Right Side

IX: Prepare for Frame Assembly

  1. Prepare Angled Brackets
  2. Y Pulley Subassembly, Step 1
  3. Y Pulley Subassembly, Step 2
  4. Y Pulley Subassembly, Step 3
  5. Y Idlers Subassembly, Step 1
  6. Y Idler Subassembly, Step 2

X: Frame

  1. Attach Brackets to Back Profile
  2. Attach Back Profile Mount Bracket
  3. Left Back Post
  4. Right Back Post
  5. Attach MakerSlide to Right Back Post
  6. Attach MakerSlide to Left Back Post
  7. Mount Y Pulley Subassembly, Back Left
  8. Mount Y Pulley Subassembly, Back Right
  9. Attach Y Motor to Plate
  10. Mount Y Motor
  11. Mount Y Shaft Support Plate
  12. Attach Support Plate Mount Bracket
  13. Attach Flexible Coupler
  14. Y axle
  15. Put Y-Bar on MakerSlides
  16. Front Posts
  17. Finished Frame

XI: Finishing the Mechanical Assembly

  1. Brackets to Secure the Machine
  2. Front Extrusion
  3. Y Idlers
  4. Y-min Limit Switch Support Bracket
  5. Y-min Limit Switch
  6. Y-max Limit Switch Support Bracket
  7. Y-max Limit Switch
  8. Attach the Machine to the Table
  9. Adjust the Eccentric Spacers
  10. Belting: X Motor
  11. Belting: Y
  12. Mount Solenoid Valve
  13. Vacuum Pump Mounting
  14. Vacuum Routing
  15. Up Camera Holder
  16. Up-looking camera
  17. Down-looking camera
  18. Adjust Limit Switches
  19. Assembling the Nozzle Holder