Preparatory Step 1: Collect the Tools

You will need these tools. Make sure you have what it takes.

  • a permanent marker pen
  • a pencil
  • (optional) paint pen, to protect plate edges
  • power drill/screwdriver and a Torx25 tip (optional, but highly recommended)
  • If you use the power drill, you probably need a vice or an assistant.
  • manual Torx25 screwdriver. The tip must reach 60mm and have maximum of 6mm diameter. Please note that a tool with removable tip is unlikely to fit in a 6.2mm hole. (For an example of a suitable tool, see shop/tools)
  • set of metric hex keys. You will need 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and 4.0mm keys. The 4mm gets used most, so you might want to get one with a handle
  • metric wrenches, 5.5mm, 7mm and 8mm (note, that the is rare. It is available at the shop)
  • small round file, less than 4.8mm diameter
  • mm measure
  • right angle or geometric ruler
  • zip cable ties
  • double sided tape
  • (optional) Locktite or similar
  • a way to make a hole in your table for the up looking camera

Note: Keep the parts in their labeled bags until you need them. Many parts look alike, and it might be difficult to tell them apart without the labels.

“Preparatory Step 2” applies only for kits shipped before Sept.28, 2016 and used without upgrade kit to the new version. (For reference, it is here. Don’t follow, unless you know you need to.)