Frame, Step 16: Front Posts

Take the remaining 20mm x 20mm extrusions and attach those to the end of the MakerSlides. First, take the post where you tapped the end of and attach that to the front right:

Frame step19

  1. 140mm extrusion, with tapped hole
  2. HJT5 self-tapping screws x 2

Front Left:

Frame step18

  1. Remaining 140mm extrusion
  2. HJT5 self-tapping screws x 2

Try to make the mounts flush and square. Note, that this is easier when you tighten the screws one after another with small increments, checking and adjusting along the way. The crunching noise you may hear is the aluminum oxidation giving way, and that is fine, no reason to worry. I guess it is possible to overtighten the screws to do actual damage, but it won’t be very easy. 🙂

When done, ensure that the gantry rolls free back and forth as well as left and right at front and at back.

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