Gantry Back Plate, Step 1: Upper V-Wheels

Find the gantry back plate (1).

NOTE: Examine the palte for possible laser cutting remains in or around the holes. File away any, that prevent the bolts going in to the holes and (IMPORTANT!) file away any debris that might prevent the wheel washers from sitting flush to the plate. This applies to all plates with V-wheels. You want flush assembly for the wheels so that they are parallel to the plates, ensuring smooth motion afterwards.

Using M5-20 bolts, M5 washers and M5 nuts, attach two V-wheel subassemblies to the plate. Pay attention to the holes and plate orientation. For any play there might be between the bolt and the plate, take the bolts up. Tighten and ensure the wheels roll smoothly.

gantry back plate step1

  1. Gantry back plate
  2. M5-20 x2
  3. M5 washer x 2
  4. M5 washer x 2
  5. V-wheel subassembly x 2
  6. M5 washer x 2
  7. M5 nut x 2

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