Gantry Back Plate, Step 2: Lower V-Wheels

For the lower wheels mounting, you need two M5-30 bolts. Put a M5 washer and an eccentric washer to each and put them through the indicated holes of the plate. Note, that you might need to file any laser cut spark remains from the inside of the hole to make the spacer fit. On the other side, attach two V-wheels as indicated using M5 washers and M5 nuts. Tighten and ensure that the wheels roll smoothly. Also, ensure that you can turn the eccentric spacers (don’t overtighten). Turn the marked face of the eccentric spacers down.

gantry back plate step2

  1. M5-30 x 2
  2. M5 washer x 2
  3. Eccentric spacer x 2
  4. M5 washer x 2
  5. V-wheel subassembly x 2
  6. M5 washer x 2
  7. M5 nut

At this point, take a piece of MakerSlide, and ensure that you can fit the “shoulders” between the wheels. However, be careful not to damage the wheels with the sharp edges of the MakerSlide! Note how turning the eccentric spacers will move the wheels closer together, eventually making the fit snug. At this point, it is important to ensure that the MakerSlide fits in loosely. The looseness will be adjusted out later.

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