Gantry Front Plate, Step 2: Lower V-Wheels

Repeating the back plate operation, mount two lower V-wheels to the gantry front plate. Use M5-30 bolts and eccentric spacers. After tightening, ensure the wheels turn freely and turn the marked edge of the eccentric spacers down. Also, ensure that you can turn the eccentric spacers (don’t overtighten).

gantry front plate step2

  1. M5-30 x 2
  2. M5 washer x 2
  3. eccentric spacers x 2
  4. M5 washer x 2
  5. V-wheel subassembly x 2
  6. M5 washer x 2
  7. M5 nut x 2

Again, ensure the fit with a piece of MakerSlide: You want the MakerSlide be loose between the V’s and have adjustment capability to make it tight, and you want be careful not to damage the wheels with the sharp edges of the MakerSlide.

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