Gantry, Step 5: Attach PnP Head to Gantry

Push the PnP head subassembly to the gantry, from bottom. Attach the PnP head top plate to the MakerSlide with HTJ5 screws and M5 washers as shown.

Adjust the eccentric spacers so, that the MakerSlide moves freely but has no play. If the head does not fall down on its own weight, it is too tight; if you feel it move sideways or if the head does not stop when you stop one of theĀ  wheels, it is too slack. The adjustment is not difficult, but get a feeling of how the eccentric spacers work; you’ll be doing more of this soon.

gantry step5

  1. PnP head top plate
  2. HTJ5 self-tapping screw x 2
  3. M5 washer x 2

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