Preparatory Step 3: V wheel Kit Assembly


My supplier seemingly can’t make up its mind if the wheel kits should come to me assembled or not:-). Therefore, you might find this and/or the next step already done for you.

Assemble all V wheel kits:

V wheel assembly - Geomagic Design Elements 2014

  1. 625-2RS bearing x 2
  2. Precision shim washer
  3. V-wheel shell
  • Push a bearing to the wheel shell. It is tight, you may need to press hard. It won’t go in to place if it is skewed; this step is easier to do against a table.
  • Using a bolt as an alignment help, put a precision washer inside the wheel. Do not mix precision washers with regular M5 washers!
  • Push another bearing to other side of the wheel. Remove bolt.

End result:

V wheel assembly - finished

A tip: When pushing the second bearing in place, using a wrench might be helpful:

wrench on V wheel

The picture is not very clear, sorry about that. Anyway, there is a bolt on the table pointing up and a V wheel shell with the bearings and the precision washer in between. Using a wrench helps pushing both sides of the bearing evenly and makes the installation easier.

Another tip, from a customer: Using a screwdriver (like the Torx driver in the shop) instead of a bolt helps here:

screwdriver and bearings

You should have 20 wheels, when all are done.

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