Y-bar, Step 1: MakerSlides to Right Roller Plate

The long bar that moves in the Y direction (away-towards you) is called the Y-bar. As the first step of the Y-bar assembly, take the two 750mm MakerSlide bars. have them “back-to-back”, V feature shoulders out and the solid walls up. See the picture below. Slide two M4 extrusion nuts to both of the top slots. Using four HTJ5 self tapping screws, attach the right roller plate to the bars. Try to have the Makerslides align square, using the highlighted edges of the plate as a guide.

ybar step1

  1. 750mm MakerSlide x 2
  2. M4 extrusion nuts x 4
  3. HTJ5 screws x 4
  4. M5 washers x 4
  5. Right roller subassembly

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