Plates Guide

The following images are not in scale with each other.

Gantry back plate:

Gantry back plate

Gantry front plate:

Gantry front plate

PnP head lower plate:

PnP head lower plate

PnP head middle plate:

PnP head middle plate

PnP head nut mount plate:

PnP head nut mount plate

PnP head top plate:

PnP head top plate

Shaft support plate:

shaft support plate

X idlers plate:

X idlers plate

X motor plate:

X motor plate1_2

Y bearing plate (2 pieces):

Y bearing plate

Y idlers holder plate (2 pieces):

Y idlers holder plate

Y motor mount plate:

Y motor mount plate

Y pulley side plate (2 pieces):

Y pulley side plate

Y roller left plate:

Y roller left plate

Y roller right plate:

Y roller right plate1_2

Z motor mount plate:

Z motor mount plate1_2

Y drag chain holder plate (part of the drag chain kit):

Y drag chain holder plate1_2