Unsolicited Customer Comments

“Since early 2016 this wonderful machine has assembled over a thousand pcbs and has paid for itself many times over…”

“I still haven’t gotten over how awesome this machine is. I haven’t slept much these past few days, because I’ve been working with it. That’s my biggest problem so far.?”

“I use and love mine almost everyday for my <..> business, it’s a life changer!”

“Everyone I have chatted with who have made one of your LitePlacers…well, they love it!! ”

“I’m overwhelmed with your project, you did amazing stuff, I m so happy with this, this is the best tool I ever had in my life, perfect man cave toy. <..> I see that you listen what people on the forums write so you upgrade software constantly.”

“So far the experience with your product has been fabulous, especially with the latest versions of the software. <…> Thanks to your open source project [the university students] can have fun and learn a great deal about programming, automation, computer vision and stepper motors.”

“I just want to tell you that you are the king of kits! I have bought many things in kit form in the past (we all love tinkering, don’t we?), but everything about your Liteplacer kit is first class!  The packaging, the labeling, and (most importantly) the instructions are beyond anything I have ever come across. Everything went together without a single issue, and your instructions meant I didn’t even had to think for myself, haha.”

“The LitePlacer is an engineers wet dream. It is a unique elegant build and provides hours of fun to build.”

“I have built numerous machines in the past, cnc drills, 3d-printers and cocktail robots. but this kit is the best machine I ever built.”

“I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been very satisfied with the support I have received from Juha. He has been very prompt in answering all of my questions, both before and after the sale.   <…>   Also, there have been several members on this forum who have given great support.”

“I recommend building it with 2-3 people and have an assembly party, most steps can be done simultaneously.”

“I must say your instructions are perfect! no need for improvements, it was also fun to mount every single part together and see a real new machine being born.”

“I, and many other makers like me, have been stuck for so long without an affordable Pick and Place machine. Your kit and software show you have put an *enormous* effort into it. You saved me months of work building one from scratch, and I am so happy right now because your kit does exactly what is promised.”

“I am incredibly grateful for your LitePlacer kit.”

“I was impressed with the machine. It’s just worked.”