Upgrade kit install instructions

Step 1: Turn the probing switch out of the way:


Step 2: Loosen the rotation belt and remove it from the motor pulley

Step 3: Remove the existing tube and bearings.

Step 4: Install the new bearings

Step 5: Push tube trough and tune the bearings and bearing holder plate so, that the tube rolls and moves up and down freely. If needed, move the upper bearing holder plate so, that there is about 10mm free tube below the lower bearing and 25mm above upper bearing.

Step 6: Remove the tube and put it back, inserting the old parts on it. Pushing tube from top through the upper bearing, the parts go in in this order: nylon washer, spring, nylon washer, tube collar, pulley, nylon washer.

Step 7: Install one of the collars from the kit to the lower end of the tube.

Step 8: Tighten the pulley to the tube so, that there is a 3-4mm movement room before the lower collar goes against the bearing.

Step 9: Turn the switch back and trim the action so, that the switch operates within the limited movement. When pushing the tube up, you want the switch to trigger, but the movement to stop because of the lower collar, not because of the switch.

Step 10: Put a nylon washer, spring, another nylon washer and a collar to top of the tube:

top parts on tube

These can be used to lighten the downward probing force.

Step 11: Screw the tube connector to top of the tube and the nozzle holder to bottom of the tube. Tighten them against each other, no need to try to grab the tube. Do not overtighten.

Step 12: Push the vacuum tube to the connector fully. If you ever need to remove it, pushing the connector top collar down will release the tube.

Step 13: Tune the probing force by adjusting one or another spring by the collar position. Fyi, I ended up using neither, the weight of the tube is fine for me, your requirements may vary.

Step 14: Assemble the holder and attach it on your table: https://www.liteplacer.com/assembling-the-nozzle-holder/

Step 15: Setup the nozzles in software: https://www.liteplacer.com/nozzles-setup/

Step 16: Add the nozzle to use info to your tape locations and if you are using saved job files, to these also.