Wearing Many Hats

This is a small business. Mainly a one-person operation, although I do have some help every now and then and use subcontracting a lot. I do find the versatility of the tasks refreshing and fun. At some point, I’m implementing state-of-the art algorithms (some pieces of the LitePlacer software are from fresh doctorate thesis), and the whole software is a high-tech assignment. There are also mechanical design, although not recently. Lots of customer communication, which I enjoy. Also stock management, cash management, web site building, web shop management and sometimes, almost brain-less packing, floor cleaning and taking out the trash.

I like wearing many hats during a day. I also understand why some people with a different mindset would hate it. As a sample of my typical day, here is what I’m doing today:

I started the morning by taking and editing photos about some new additions to the web shop, wearing the hat of a photographer and graphics designer. Then, I added the products to the shop, playing as a web master for a while:

nuts and wrench small

Then I talked to my accountant, being the financial officer for a while. I also talked to the print shop, being the marketing manager. I guess writing a blog post is kind of marketing, too. Then, I’ll pack and send a kit, being the warehouse worker. The office needs vacuuming at some point. In the evening, if I still have time and energy, I’ll concentrate improving the software as the head programmer, wearing the propeller hat. If the day runs out, I know where to start tomorrow.