What is on my todo list on the software?

I haven’t written much lately, shame on me! Anyway, this has been asked several times, so I’ll write the answer to here as well. So, what are my near term plans for the software? Bug fixes will get priority over new features, but here is my new stuff todo list, before feedback from this post, in the order of importance:

I am adding functions to the software, so I didn’t get to do a stable public release during the weekend, as I hoped. Once the new functions are stable (or at least don’t interfere with the current functionality so that the interface to those can be hidden without ill effects), the very next release will have support to 32mm tapes as well as yet another attempt to have a robust camera startup routine that is stable on all Windows and .NET versions.

Then, support for tape definitions not on the built in list, custom trays, feeders, trays and part jigs. I anticipate that IC placement will greatly improve when the pickup location can be accurately defined.

Placed / not yet placed information to jobs, as well as option to continue on error and making a list of failed components, if any.

Measure everything at the start of a job. This way, you can stay at the machine until it has all the the info a job needs and then walk away knowing, that a job will not fail in the middle to a failed measurement.

The “everything visible” style UI was clear (imo) when the software was released but is getting more and more cluttered when new functions are added. It needs a rearrangement, most likely resulting to a traditional menu bar and setup screens.

Some folks have machines with the capability of automated nozzle change, with different implementations. (I don’t, yet.) These should somehow be supported by the software. This has its own discussion thread here.

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