Finishing, Step 16: Up-looking camera

(For kits delivered 2017 or earlier, follow this link)

Plug the USB cable to the down camera module. The connection is not very tight, so secure it with a zip tie to the lever in the assembly. Using the screws supplied with the camera, install the camera assembly to the lower slot of the holder, opposite side of the bracket. Attach the extrusion under your table so, that all screws on the top side of the camera assembly are visible and accessible from the hole. The lever in the assembly should point towards the front of the table. Please see the image below (at the time of writing, I’m supplying the up camera assembly printed with gray plastics, although the photo below shows a black unit):

Nozzle Shade

We need to hide the tube attachment parts from the up-looking camera; the camera should see only the nozzle tip. Use the supplied shade material and and attach a shade to the bottom of the rotation motor. Here is mine:

gantry needle shade

To help for these, here is a customer supplied design (DXF file) for a template and a PDF for the same (thank you very much!). The round thing on the template refers to the older version of the machine, please ignore that. If you want to design your own, here is an outline of the relevant parts. The T shaped part with a hole in it is the old model camera holder, ignore this. the other parts are the Z axis extrusion and the edge of the motor holder plate. These move, so you want to have some clearance to them.